Tobias Allanson

Tobias has been with us since day one and we’ve yet to find the perfect title for him.  Production Designer, yes.  But’s he’s so much more than that.  He’s an inventor.  Due to a a rigorous DIY and an ’anything-is-possible’ attitude, Tobias can quickly figure out smart solutions to whatever task appears. Whether it’s carving a working ocarina out of a pear or building massive spinning walls with millimeters accuracy.

Tobias begun his career as a Graphic Designer/Art Director and Creative Director.  He found that the need of maintaining a rigorous DIY attitude and transforming all types of objects in ways that please him is what makes his brain happy, and even more important, he needs to get his hand dirty, which led him in to Set Design. His background helps him see  the full process and understanding it on all levels.

Tobias has his own Studio, which often works as a test center when the project calls for it.  Next door is a bigger studio that can hold bigger productions.