Kollektivet Livet

Kollektivet Livet (Alex & Andreas) became best friends during the summer of 2001, as they journeyed through Sweden in a dirty, spray painted Volvo 245 GLT with faulty breaks. It was there, somewhere in the hinterland between here and then, that their vision of Kollektivet Livet took on form and substance.


Alex and Andreas complement each other in large due to their separate characteristics, experiences and talents. From graffiti wall designs to RC robotic cats, their expertise and experience is vast and has successfully kept them busy for the last twelve years.


Kollektivet Livet’s portfolio of projects has given them a solid foundation predicated on similar notions of what is good and what is not good.


“The most important components to all creative activity is love, dedication and coffee. Without these ingredients any campaign you launch will be deprived of its rightful self, any wall you set out to paint will be deprived of its rightful nuance.”