Fritjof Granström

Fritjof started his career as a production designer at the tender age of 19. He quickly proved himself as a designer working in the music video industry, which soon lead him on to working with commercials. In just a couple of years, he had established a name for himself and was frequently requested by some of the top commercial directors in Sweden.


Today, 12 years later, he is one of Sweden’s most experienced and sought-after production designers, and his repertoire has expanded from doing commercials on his home turf to traveling all over the world, working for top clients like Volvo, Apple,Toyota and Smirnoff.


Fritjof’s attitude towards his work is that nothing is impossible and he takes great pride in turning challenging projects in to natural solutions for his clients.


Fritjof’s passion for culture, and art especially, is often reflected in his work and he draws a lot of his inspiration from historical as well as contemporary artists. Fritjof loves working with moods and textures as well as developing specific color palettes for each project. When he works on creating a set design – he looks at the process as if he is drawing a painting. He enjoys the process of adding, and paying attention to every little detail and seeing it all coming together into one great masterpiece.