Jeppe Bødskov

Jeppe Bødskov’s vast experience and stylishly opinionated view point makes him a trusted sparring partner on both visually ambitious commercials and ground breaking documentary projects. As an avid art collector and cultural savvy, he continuously succeeds in taking the best from the knowledge of the craft. His eye for the subtle detail and the personal twist of the story shines through in his editing style and creates that certain edge in the simple story and the twist in the non faceted commercial. His skills behind the drum set is no less of a valuable asset when it comes to finding, keeping and setting forth the editing pace. The only question is ”Are you rushing or are you dragging?”


D i r e c t o r s : Christoffer Boe, Simon Ladefoged, Frederik Callingaard, Joachim Back, Christian Lyngbye, Adam Bonke, Jonas Arnby, Martin Aamund, Camilla Nielsson, Christina Haarløv Johnsen

C l i e n t s : Mini Cooper, HAN Kjøbenhavn, Volvo, IKEA, VolksWagen, Peugeot, Telia