Anders Villadsen

Although an old crow in the game of editing, Anders Villadsen is in no sense behind in visionary insights and subtle comic layers, which his heavy background in comedy features ensure and is evident in his work with story driven commercials. His grounded background as a father of three makes him the steady partner on longer feature projects and a very patient, though firm, contributor in the editing room, which is something we all need sometimes, right?

D i r e c t o r s : Anders Thomas Jensen, Ole Bornedal, Hella Joof, Peter Flindth, Kasper Wedendahl, Martin Werner, Stevan Treshaw, Rasmus Laumann, Simon Bonde

C l i e n t s : ARLA, TDC, Danske Bank, Tivoli, Lego, Nykredit, Bacardi, MTV, Interflora, Kims, Storebælt