Adam Nielsen

With curls that would make any 10year old girl jealous and a smile on the lip, warm hearted father of 3 Adam Nielsen might seem like an all time charmer – and he is – but much more. With a heavy experience in feature films and an impressive knowledge about axes and hatchets, he is now conquering the commercial market as a one man army. Just cutting up stuff. Or more accurately cutting through to the points on the feature projects and bringing that knowledge and patience to the editing table when he finds the time to squeeze in some high end commercials.


D i r e c t o r s : Michael Noer, Tobias Lindholm, Christoffer Boe, Martin de Thurah, Martin Werner, Kasper Torsting, Simon Ladefoged, Tore Frandsen, Susanne Bier

C l i e n t s : Pandora, Merrild, Danfoss, IKEA, Fitness DK, BMW/Movia