Misio Mokrosinski


I was born into the film industry. As a child I preferred hanging out on film sets rather than going to kindergarden. Which child wouldn’t want to ride a bull crane and play with ”real looking” props instead of riding a tricycle?

At the age of thirteen I had learned to load several kinds of magazines for different cameras, and straight after high school I started working my way up in the camera departments. From clapper / loader to focus puller to operator to second unit DP. Working on several big feature films as well as drama series and commercials under top notch DPs – I was fascinated and able to study their work closely.

I have recently shot two drama series as a DP – and although I’m still happy to do operator/ second unit work – I’m also ready for the next step in my career. I love building atmospheres and feelings for the screen – and when I capture the right emotion in that perfect picture – the moment is golden.

This is what I live for.