Joachim Thörnqvist

Joachim Thörnqvist was born in Sweden in 1976. In his twenties he got in to the film industry, making music videos and commercials as a key player in camera departments. His interest in the technical aspects of things led him in to the problem solving role of Key grip and moving on to work as an advanced camera operator, working with techno crane, motion control and Russian arm.


Joachim studied Photography at School of Fashion Photography, and in recent years he’s been working as a Director of Photography, with a steady flow of clients coming back to him.


Joachim is highly appreciated for his problem solving nature and his ability to to maximize every shoot – regardless of circumstances. He delivers creative and playful footage and he’s also also a very stable shoulder to lean on.


Joachim continues to educate himself by attending workshops within the field of camera, photography, riggs etc.


He lives in Stockholm with his wife and two sons.