Iga Mikler

Igas sensitive and poetic cinematography leaves no-one unaffected.
Several of her short films and documentary projects have been nominated and awarded at prestigious film festivals around the world. Her latest films include Ouaga Girls, a documentary featuring a group of young women from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) – who study at a girl school to become auto mechanics (directed by Therese Traore Dahlberg) and Ester Martin Bergsmarks ”Smågodis, katter & lite våld” – which has it’s premier at Rotterdams film festival, IFFR, in 2018.
Iga has an international background and her artistic path began with cinematography studies at prestigious Krysztof Kieslowski University in Poland. Later she was one of the lucky few to be admitted to the Dramatical Institute’s (now stdh) education in film photography in Stockholm where she graduated in 2010.
Iga moves effortless between different genres, whether it’s a documentary or fictional story she is always motivated and inspired by the story to be told.
Her openness and artistic values has led to several continuous and deep collaborations with directors over the years and she is highly respected among her fellow colleagues.
She is an active member of Swedish film photographer’s association and lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend and young son Luke.